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Mesolift : a revitalizing mesotherapy for a radiance boost and skin lifting.

The Mesolift is a natural reconstructing method of the skin tissue used in facial rejuvenation and its preservation.

It consists in injecting with a fine needle very small quantities of specific products adapted to the skin needs into the dermis, along the wrinkles and at other specific points on the face.

Depending on the type of skin, the doctor chooses nutrient and revitalizing mixtures. They contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and products to stimulate the microcirculation, oxygenation and production of collagen in the skin.

Results can be seen from the very first session : the skin color improves, tightens, is better moisturized and becomes more elastic.

Step by step, the complexion regains radiance and firmness improves. Crease aspect reduce visibly and complexion is brighter.

The Mesolift can be applied to the face and neck, the neckline or the back of the hands.

A minimum of 3 sessions with an interval of 3 to 6 weeks is recommended.

Depending on the type of skin the frequence can change.

Mesolift concerns everybody because it is a moisturizing and revitalizing treatment. It constitutes, with peeling, the basic healthcare of any anti aging programme.

But the Mesolift is specially recommended for delicate, dry, and toneless skins, skins damaged by the sun or the cold or asphyxiated skins of smokers.

In these cases the results are optimal : the skin recovers its color, complexion becomes radiant again and fine lines diminish.

A superficial peeling with fruit acids can be carried out before the Mesolift in order to eliminate dead cells.

It will maximize its effects. It can also be combined very well with laser or flash lamp treatment.