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CO2 fractional laser

It is the combination of a CO2 Laser ( a long time mastered technology for the rejuvanation of the face ) and a very modern technic of the light laser fractionation.

This technic consists in creating multiples laser impact points barely visibles and no connectives alternatively with healthy zones allowing a quick healing.

These laser points will cause an immediate remodelling of the collagen and a durable, global rejuvanation of your skin structure.

The CO2 fractional laser is used for :

  • Treatment of wrinkles
  • Global rejuvanation of the skin
  • Treatment of spots
  • Treatment of scars
This treatment concerns all kind of skins

It can be applied on the face, the neck, the neckline and the hands

Session length is half an hour approximately

Thanks to the fractioned technology, the redness after the session wear off quickly and can be hiden with cosmetic creams

You can observe results at the first session, you will notice that you have improved your skin ton and pigmentary spots have lightened.

For pronounced wrinkles, you will see a continuous improvement the month following your treatment, laser, stimulates collagen creation.

The number of treatments will depend of the skin type and the area to treat.