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Radio frequency

This new technique makes it possible to very safely manage to bring heat to the deep layers of the skin. This controlled heating induces a strenghtening of tissues supporting the skin and a production of new collagen.

That thus allows, by a sure and non invasive process, a reshaping of the skin with a result that will look naturally younger, without surgery nor injections.

During the session, you feel a sensation of heat and immediately after, a light redness will appear, but this disappears quickly.

There is thus no special precaution to be taken after the treatment and you can dwell with your activities normally.

The results are generally visible immediately and usually evolve for another 6 months because of the collagen synthesis process which continues.

After a radio frequency session on the face and neck, patients enjoy a firmer, smoother and denser skin with nicer face contours.

Only one treatment is necessary to obtain results for a majority of patients.